Case Studies/Uses

Google Search Result AI Keyword Research

AI multiPrompter keyword searches always return Complete google Custom search result API data for each of your keywords. you can use MultiPrompter to download the complete google search result data into a cSV file by simply adding keywords to the keyword input section in my inputs and then downloading them. receive data such as number of search results, top results urls, top results image and text descriptions, top search result metafile data and more. Use google search modifiers such as intitle or inurl for Specialized marketing sEO Keyword research. Ask AI questions about this search data or use it to generate new text/audio/image aI Output.

AI Keyword Specific Text/Audio/Image Generation For Copywriting and Digital Marketing

For each keyword you add, create keyword specific prompts which allow you to apply the same AI audio/image/text prompts for various keywords, Use related keywords, article prompts, image prompts, audio prompts, and search Result Prompts to generate a medley of output for each keyword, up to 4 articles, 50 images, 20 related keywords. 4 audio files, and 9 custom prompts per each keyword.

Prompt and Model Selection and Optimization

AI MultiPrompter is ideal for comparing the model output between various Chat-GPT and Google Gemini Models. Optimize image settings, audio settings, general settings, master prompt settings, and more to create ideal AI audio/text/image output per your custom specifications. Use My Quick AI and quick searches to seamlessly compare AI generated output,