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Live Internet Premium

Enhance your AI MultiPrompter experience by connecting to live internet data, enabling a richer incorporation of information into your MultiPrompter prompt responses. Utilize all custom prompts, image prompts, article prompts, and SERP prompts with added insights from your preferred websites. Now with the capability to perform up to 150,000 live internet searches per month. Note that there is a one-time activation of your account-specific web access features which may take up to 1-10 business days.

Exclusive Web Version Access

Gain access to the web/mobile version of AI MultiPrompter, inclusive of all application updates during your active subscription. Additionally, receive 125,000 application Tokens added per month ($25 value) for a simplified recurring payment of $45 per month.

Comprehensive MultiPrompting Features

AI MultiPrompter amplifies the power of AI through our 34 simultaneous MultiPrompts. Our platform integrates Claude, Google-Gemini, and Chat-GPT with Google Search result data, offering an unparalleled MultiPrompting experience. Engage in simultaneous generative AI for text, audio, images, and search results using our 8 search modes, enabling up to 4 articles, 50 images, 9 custom prompts, 4 Google Search integrated prompts, and 4 audio prompts for each keyword query, within the daily fetching limits of Claude, Chat-GPT, or Gemini. Subscriptions now include 125,000 tokens reloaded monthly ($25 dollar value).

Token Allocation and Utilization

125,000 MultiPrompter Tokens can provide:
  • Up to 1250 Simple Google Custom Search Result simple keyword searches
  • Up to 156 Dalle-3 AI generated images
  • Up to 412,500+ characters of AI generated audio using TTS-1 and 207,500+ character of AI generated audio using TTS-1-HD
  • Up to 1250+ Gemini, Claude, or Chat-GPT text responses, with an average token cost of 100 tokens (1 cent) per text search. The cost may vary significantly based on model selection, prompt complexity, and length.


*It is possible to limit Chat-GPT response costs using MultiPrompter between 0-4000 tokens per your preferences. Gpt-4-1106-vision-preview is about 600 tokens per 1000 words, Gpt-4 is about 1200 tokens per 1000 words, gpt-3.5-turbo-1106 60 tokens per 1000 words, and Gemini-Pro and Gemini-Pro Vision are about 100 tokens per 1000 words. Claude is approximately 17 tokens per 1000 characters input and 50 tokens per 1000 characters output.

Subscription Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to our service, you consent to our terms and conditions, framing the membership agreement between us:
  • Terms of Service (TOS): It’s crucial to understand our Terms of Service before subscribing. These outline mutual responsibilities and rules concerning your subscription.
  • Privacy Policy: We prioritize your privacy. Our Privacy Policy details our practices regarding the collection, usage, and protection of your personal information.
  • End-User License Agreement (EULA): Given MultiPrompter includes software or digital products, the EULA specifies usage regulations. Ensure you are acquainted with its terms.


Acknowledging these documents means you’ve read, understood, and agreed to adhere to them. Should you have queries or need assistance, our Customer Support is here to help. Your trust is invaluable, and we are dedicated to a secure, transparent subscription process. Thank you for selecting us as your subscription service provider.

The price for membership is $45.00 per Month.

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