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Experience AI MultiPrompter with a Free 1st Month Trial

Gain access to the web desktop/mobile version of AI MultiPrompter, including all application updates, with a FREE 1st month trial. Start your journey with 5,000 FREE tokens and continue to enjoy uninterrupted service for a simple recurring payment of $5 monthly payment after the trial period.

Discover the Power of MultiPrompting

AI MultiPrompter revolutionizes AI utilization by offering 34 simultaneous MultiPrompts, blending the capabilities of Claude, Google-Gemini, Chat-GPT, and Google Search data. Dive into the expansive possibilities of our MultiPrompting platform, where you can simultaneously engage in generative AI for text, audio, images, and search results in 8 unique search modes. Create up to 4 articles, 50 images, 9 custom prompts, 4 Google Search integrated prompts, and 4 audio prompts for each keyword, within the Claude, Chat-GPT/Gemini fetching limits.

Token Value and Potential

With 100,000 MultiPrompter Tokens, you can unlock:
  • Up to 1000 Simple Google Custom Search Result simple keyword searches
  • Up to 125 Dalle-3 AI generated images
  • Up to 333,000+ characters of AI generated audio using TTS-1 and 166,000+ characters of AI generated audio using TTS-1-HD
  • Up to 1000+ responses from Claude, Gemini, or Chat-GPT, with an average token cost of 100 tokens (1 cent) per text search. The variability of costs depends on the chosen model, prompt length, and complexity.


*It is possible to limit Chat-GPT response costs using MultiPrompter between 0-4000 tokens per your preferences. Gpt-4-1106-vision-preview is about 600 tokens per 1000 words, Gpt-4 is about 1200 tokens per 1000 words, gpt-3.5-turbo-1106 60 tokens per 1000 words, and Gemini-Pro and Gemini-Pro Vision are about 100 tokens per 1000 words. Claude is approximately 17 tokens per 1000 characters input and 50 tokens per 1000 characters output.

Terms of Subscription

By opting into our service, you accept our guiding terms and conditions:
  • Terms of Service (TOS): We urge you to thoroughly review our Terms of Service prior to subscribing, as they delineate the mutual obligations and guidelines of your subscription with us.
  • Privacy Policy: Your privacy stands as a priority. Our Privacy Policy details the manner in which we gather, utilize, and safeguard your personal data.
  • End-User License Agreement (EULA): Given that MultiPrompter incorporates software or digital products, the EULA presides over your usage of these assets. It’s important to be well-acquainted with this agreement.


Your acknowledgment of these documents signifies your comprehensive understanding and agreement to comply. Should you have inquiries or require support, our Customer Support team is at your disposal. We treasure your confidence in us and are devoted to offering a secure and transparent subscription journey. Thank you for selecting AI MultiPrompter as your preferred subscription service.

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