Mastering AI Keyword Research Using AI MultiPrompter: A Comprehensive Guide for SEO

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Mastering AI Keyword Research: The Origins of AI MultiPrompter

When embarking on any modern digital marketing campaign, copywriting campaign, or similar SEO task, a key component is usually keyword research. Tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Serpstat are often used to help marketing experts create lists of SEO-optimized keywords which will help your posts, social media, and landing pages rank higher on search engines like Google or Bing. Furthermore, understanding the nuanced aspects of keyword research such as keyword-intent, keyword-volume, keyword-result-totals, keyword-competitiveness, etc. are all essential to getting the most out of any SEO keyword list. By implementing effective SEO strategies, you can more efficiently achieve the visibility needed to gain topical authority within your niche to better resonate with your online customer bases across various types of media.

Unlike other SEO keyword-oriented software, AI MultiPrompter revolutionizes the possibilities of keyword-research by combining traditional keyword-research with AI-prompting and AI-content generation, allowing you to simultaneously research just about anything about your keyword-lists as well as to create any possibility of AI text, images, or audio which directly incorporate keyword-specific Google search data.

Keyword-Research Mode

In its keyword-research mode, MultiPrompter allows you to extract basic keyword-specific SEO/SEM data from the Google Search results data such as:

Keyword Total Results Keyword Image Sources Keyword Snippets Keyword Links Keyword Titles Keyword HTML Titles Keyword Formatted URLs Keyword Meta Tags OG Titles Keyword Social Media Details Related Keywords

Custom Prompts and SERP Prompts

In Custom Prompts and SERP Prompts, AI MultiPrompter allows for you to use Gemini, Claude, or Chat-GPT to research anything about your keyword-data.

The possibilities here are nearly endless.

You could ask for example:

  • What is the search intent of my keywords?
  • What are some additional keywords similar to my related keywords?
  • What is the search intent of the top results for my keywords?
  • What are some patterns in the top meta-descriptions for my keywords?
  • What are the top social media choices for my keywords?
  • What is the average character length of the meta-descriptions for my keywords?
  • What are the top image links for my keywords?
  • What are the intended customer segments or my keywords?
  • What are some differences between the 1st search result and the 10th search result for my keywords?

With AI MultiPrompter’s novel, patent-pending incorporation of AI keyword specific prompting, you are not restricted to the base information and can extract essentially anything you want from the search results. Furthermore, if you are a premium AI MultiPrompter Customer (Internet Basic or Internet Advanced), you are able to incorporate live website data from urls to further expand on any research possibilities.

Keyword-Specific Generative AI

Beyond nearly limitless keyword-research possibilities, AI MultiPrompter allows you to directly generate audio, images, or text using your keyword-specific data. Custom 1-9 Prompt output can be used for input in SERP Prompts, Image Prompts, Audio Prompts, and Article Prompts, allowing you to create custom articles, images, audio, and article prompts based precisely on your keyword-specific AI data.

For example: say you want to make 100 AI generated images to match a list of 100 keywords with certain similar features such as a similar neoclassical art style and to base them off the keyword-specific custom data such as patterns in the top results for your keywords. With AI MultiPrompter, it is as easy as writing 100 unique words in a list, adding them to the keyword-input box, and making a custom prompt to “retrieve the patterns from the top results for your keywords” and one image prompt which says “draw an image of my keywords in a neoclassical style that overlaps with my custom 1 output” and starting the search. In just one click, you will receive 100 unique images optimized to the patterns of the specific highest-ranking results for that keyword, exactly how you want them to look. If you enable all 10 image prompts you could receive up to 1o unique AI images for specific prompts for each keyword with different directions, offering truly unparalleled creative degrees of freedom.

Prompt-Replacement Logic

The possibilities here are truly limitless, whether you want to to make massive amounts of  multimodal AI-generated text, images, and audio with just one or a few prompts and clicks, streamlining a repetitive process such as writing hundreds of AI-generated articles, making hundreds of recipes for a cookbook, or making hundreds of unique AI images or audio files.

Due to the extensive nature of AI MultiPrompter Prompt replacement logic, which allows for the direct incorporation of a wide assortment of keyword-data with generative AI, just about anything is possible. See the full list of prompt and keyword replacement logic here.

6 Search Modes for Keyword-Specific Replacements 

AI MultiPrompter allows you to use keyword-specific logic for:

  1. Keyword Results- Provides the keyword-specific top results from Google Search. This includes a list of top websites, links, images, meta-descriptions, social media info, and more from each specific keyword you add.
  2. Custom Prompts- Allows you to create keyword-specific custom text to text, image, and audio with keyword-replacement logic. You can say “write an article about my keywords referencing my links” and MultiPrompter will automatically integrate your keywords and keyword-specific Google data to make SEO-optimized articles.
  3. Image Prompts- Allows you to create keyword-specific images using DALLE-2 and DALLE-3.
  4. SERP Prompts- Allows you to ask keyword-specific questions about the Google Search Data.
  5. Audio Prompts- Allows you to create keyword-specific audio files.
  6. Article Prompts- Allows you to generate keyword-specific articles, including 4 unique article modes.

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