500,000 MultiPrompter Tokens


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Buying 500,000 MultiPrompter Tokens is 10% Cheaper than buying 100,000 Tokens.

500,000 MultiPrompter Tokens equals =

  1. Up to 5000 Simple Google Custom Search Result simple keyword searches
  2. Up to 625 Dalle-3 AI generated images or 1250 Dalle-2 AI generated images
  3. Up to 1,650,000+ characters of AI generated audio using TTS-1 and 830000+ character of AI generated audio using TTS-1-HD
  4. Up to 5000+ Gemini or Chat-GPT or Claude text responses assuming average token cost of 100 tokens per text search. Note that depending on which model you select, length and complexity of your prompt request and result, this may range substantially. It is possible to limit Chat-GPT response costs using MultiPrompter between 0-4000 tokens per your preferences with a default value of 250 tokens per response.  Gpt-4-1106-vision-preview is about 600 tokens per 1000 words, Gpt-4 is about 1200 tokens per 1000 words, gpt-3.5-turbo-1106  60 tokens per 1000 words, and Gemini-Pro and Gemini-Pro Vision are about 100 tokens per 1000 words. Claude is approximately 17 tokens per 1000 characters of input and 50 tokens per 1000 characters of output. 


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